Our Services


Enabling organizations to achieve excellence across various clinical areas while complying with increasingly demanding international standards of healthcare.


Enabling organizations to institutionalize their management and governance practices and develop organizational systems, processes and structures.


Enabling organizations to build and maintain smart and efficient facilities while optimizing the use of medical equipment to best fit their clinical scope.


Building on the successful record of CCHE-57357, a role model in healthcare provision, and utilizing the 57357 expertise, WEDjAT assists clients in providing best-practice care to patients. Our healthcare medical consulting services vary from assisting healthcare providers achieve healthcare quality accreditation to restructuring provision systems to reach optimum care.

We adopt a patient-centered approach that focuses on using the accreditation standards requirements as a means to an end; with the quality and safety of the clinical operations being the key objective. The scope of our accreditation preparation services include JCI, ISO 22001, MAGNET, CAP, CBAHI and the National Egyptian Healthcare Accreditation Standards. We also work side-by-side with our clients to improve their clinical patient outcomes, reduce medical errors and improve cost-efficiency. Such disciplines include the development of a clinical pharmacy practice, pain management system, clinical nutrition management systems, and clinical standardization through the development of protocols and other services. WEDjAT also works to optimize patient stay in the healthcare facility through deploying robust interventions to reduce waiting time as well as improve bed utilization and the overall patient flow in the facility.


WEDjAT❜s management consulting experts work with healthcare providers to formulate strategies, achieve efficient governance of their institutions as well as provide the latest innovative techniques in functions such as marketing and fundraising.

We work with clients to formulate a strategic direction, clearly define accountabilities for strategy execution as well as develop the key performance measures to monitor implementation. We have developed an innovative application to improve the monitoring and communication of strategy implementation named Strategy 360 ©. Since the beginning of the campaign to establish CCHE in the 90s, 57357 has developed extensive understanding of the know-how of the art and science of fundraising and marketing and has been a successful philanthropic role model since then. Building on such capabilities, we work with our clients, either NGOs or private healthcare providers, to establish marketing and fundraising operational frameworks as well as develop and maintain a methodology for customer relationship management.


Through our network of subject-matter experts and our engineering consultants, we at WEDjAT provide various services for our clients that include developing and maintaining systems and frameworks of facility management, providing advice on building designs, formulating equipment management plans as well as directly managing projects.

We provide expert advice in efficiently managing support services in healthcare institutions such as housekeeping, catering, laundry, storage management, etc. We also assist with healthcare institution designs whether through the review of the healthcare facilities concept design or providing insights into the efficiency of the current design of the healthcare institution relative to the suitable design code. We also work with our clients to properly manage medical equipment, which if not properly managed, become a source of harm to individuals and the environment. We also directly manage a wide range of projects from small renovation projects with a focused scope to turnkey projects that adopt a concept to completion approach for a healthcare campus.

About Us

WEDjAT is the healthcare management and consulting unit of the 57357- group. Our clients and business partners utilize the 57357-group's network and expertise in the healthcare industry to achieve excellence and better serve their patients. We provide tailored consulting services that integrate the key elements necessary for a healthcare entity's success: efficient management, best-of-class medical services, and engineering consulting.

WEDjAT was founded in 2016 to support the financial sustainability of the 57357-group and to manage the corporate social responsibility accounts of the Association of Friends of the National Cancer-Free Initiative (AFNCI).

Our Values


Consistency is the harmony of all work characters, or part of them. If there is standardization, there is consistency. Standardization is the process of making something consistent and conform to a standard.


The synergism is the cherry of diversity resulted from mixed workforces that provides a wide range of abilities, experience, knowledge, and strengths due to its background heterogeneity.


There should always be a state of nonconformity, which means that there is always better, that there is always something to improve. That❜s why continuous research and development are always needed.


Ownership is the highest level in terms of integration of employees in their workplace; as if they possess the business. It means that they take initiatives as if they were the "owners" of the company.


Simplicity is the quality of being plain, uncomplicated, uncompounded and easy to understand or do. It requires cutting out unnecessary processes.


Speed is the rate at which we operate internally and externally. In order to apply it internally, we should always be efficient; submitting the required deliverables before deadlines. Externally, we should generally surpass competitors.

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